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Blur. Comments, stories, insults etc. said/told by or about members of the band.
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Is there a word that sums up the mood of [13]?
Graham: I like the idea that we do that in every record, change people's view, or surprise somebody, because we can push it, probably, more than people imagine we can. Maybe we can't, maybe it all just sounds just like Blur in the end and it's only very subtle. It changes, but to us it's fast. I don't know the difference to anyone else hearing it and me. But it's definitely not the Great Escape or Blur. It's gone somewhere, it's slightly eschew. It's a bit twisted.
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"It does make you feel very vulnerable when you lose such a huge part of your life."
Damon on Graham not showing up for the initial Think Tank recording sessions, 2003 (via damonalbarn)
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"…The only reason anyone like me would stay in a band this long, and subject themselves to the sort of routines, the timetables, the schedules and everything is if at the end of everything you’ve got something that you really feel you can carry for the rest of your life. It’s the only reason. I mean, none of us would put up with each other if we weren’t satisfying each others desire to make good work."
Damon Albarn, 1999
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"This term ‘Britpop,’ it’s not very cool anymore. You know it’s one of those things that is just a bit annoying. I don’t trust any kind of scene. It’s always an excuse for there to be one or two good bands and lots of people having an easy ride."
Alex James, 1996